Why We Need Prop F

San Francisco is in the midst of its worst housing crisis in the last 50 years but when it came time to regulate short-term Airbnb rentals, City Hall let us down. It allowed corporate lobbyists and insiders to write a law allowing unlimited conversion of affordable housing into tourist hotels. 

Every independent study to date has concluded that the current law is unenforceable and won’t work. Right now, 94% of Airbnb's 6,000 listings for San Francisco are unregistered and illegal and the current law allows them to do it. We deserve better.

Yes on F was placed on the ballot by a broad coalition of San Franciscans. 

It’s a fair, reasonable solution that will protect our affordable housing, stop the evictions and fix the mess that City Hall created.

Why We Need Regulations Like Prop F

Prop F:

  • Sets fair, reasonable rules for the short-term renting of an extra room or entire home when on vacation

  • Allows legally registered hosts to rent spare rooms or a single home up to 75 days a year

  • Prohibits unregistered rentals from being listed on Airbnb and other corporate platforms

  • Provides notice to neighbors when a short-term rental is approved

  • Requires a property owners approval before an apartment can be registered and rented

  • Gives citizens tools to hold hosting corporations accountable if the city doesn’t take action to enforce the law

Why Prop F?

We support actual home sharing but it’s crucially important to recognize that if the only hosts really were “regular people,” who lived in their own home and occasionally rented out a room or the whole house while away, nobody would object much. But that would wipe out a sizable chunk of Airbnb’s business model and make Airbnb much less valuable to investors waiting for a mammoth IPO. 

Airbnb has become its own worst enemy by stubbornly refusing to work with local officials to figure out a way to enforce sensible laws that prohibit conversions of rental apartments into de facto hotels. Everyone needs to follow the same rules, even Airbnb.

94% of Airbnb's 6,000 current listings in San Francisco are unregistered and illegal. Why? Because they profit off of the thousands of unregistered units listed on the website and the current law allows them to do it.

There are currently 4,600 listings for entire homes or apartments in San Francisco. These units should be used to provide much-needed housing for local residents instead of being rented to short-term tourists.

In addition to Airbnb and VRBO, there are over 60 other companies offering short-term rentals to tourists meaning SF may have lost up to 10,000 units to full-time tourist accommodation.

68% of the all short-term rental listings are entire homes/units where the host is not present. This is not home sharing.

Airbnb and VRBO alone account for roughly 4,500 entire homes and apartments having been removed from the San Francisco rental market. That is 1,000 units more than the 3,500 new units that were built in all of 2014.

There are over 5,400 homes and apartments listed on Airbnb for San Francisco. Although some short-term rentals are listed by San Franciscans renting spare bedrooms to help meet high costs of living, the majority of listings are for entire units, posted by non-residents.

We’re Paying the Price

For every 1,000 units lost to short-term tourist rentals, the City’s economy loses more than $250 million – every year. *

This amount exceeds the annual total economic benefit from visitor spending, host income, and hotel tax, given prevailing short-term rental rates. *

*From the Office of Economic Analysis, City and County of San Francisco

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You can pick up Yes on F campaign materials and window signs at the Tenants Union, 558 Capp Street.

Why I support Prop F


    “Our neighborhood is constantly besieged by disruptive and noisy Airbnb strangers. If you care about your neighborhood and peace of mind, vote YES on F.”


    “Prop F is fair to legitimate Airbnb hosts, but has the right rules to prevent neighborhoods from becoming tourist hotels. We need to regulate Airbnb to protect our quality of life.”


    “Prop F is fair to legitimate Airbnb hosts, but has the right rules to prevent neighborhoods from becoming tourist hotels. We need to regulate Airbnb to protect our quality of life.”


    “Today, an apartment or in-law unit can be converted to an Airbnb short-term rental without the owner’s permission. That makes it impossible to keep tenants safe.”


    Our family has been evicted. There are few places to go. Where will teachers like me and our families live when so much affordable housing has been converted into tourist hotels?”


    “I was evicted and my former home of 20 years was turned into an Airbnb hotel. No one else should have to experience what I’ve gone through. Please vote Yes on F.”