Thank you Airbnb - For Showing Us Why We Need To Pass Prop F Now.

The below Airbnb ads are not a sick joke, or a parody. They're real Airbnb ads, purchased by the real Airbnb - to try to essentially bully the city into not regulating them.

Yes, really:

We don’t think Airbnb deserves a cookie for eventually paying most of their taxes.

We certainly don’t think it gives them license to bully the city like we should be grateful they eventually decided to stop breaking the law, and follow their minimal legal duty.

That’s right. To make matters even worse: Airbnb has been a huge corporate tax-dodger.

Airbnb just started paying their taxes that they’re bragging about paying.That’s right - they were illegally refusing to pay the appropriate tax for years. When did they start paying all their taxes like the rest of us?

February. Of this year.

So where does Airbnb get off thinking they can get away with ads like this?:

Even worse: Airbnb has spent $8 Million on their efforts to destroy Prop F, the only common-sense Airbnb regulation law that San Franciscans have any hope of passing.

So, to get this straight: First Airbnb refused to pay corporate taxes -  then eventually was forced to do so - and now is spending more than half as much money to arrogantly bully San Franciscans into not reining them in by passing Prop F.


If this is how Airbnb acts when they’re begging San Franciscans not to regulate them, how do you think they’ll act if we don’t pass Prop F? Thank you, Airbnb, for making the point that so many San Franciscans have been making for the last year.


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Dear Airbnb,

Your billboard ads have been almost unbelievably offensive.

Thank you for showing San Francisco and America why we urgently need to pass Prop F: because San Franciscans need to regulate Airbnb - not the other way around.

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